Carrie Underwood, Chris Pratt, Tom Hanks, and Tim Tebow are just a few …

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It is what taught me the value of life and also my faith. You might be surprised at how many stars there are in this list. Hey, dont you have something to say about me. Im sorry to tell you this, but in this day and age, we dont accept any cash payments for your celebrity sightings. There are many names on the list, but there are not as many as you would expect. Your eyes widen when you see the list. There were more names on your list than there are stars on the list. You turn the list over in your hands. There wasnt any script, there werent any words written, there werent even any pictures. It was just a list of celebrity sightings, filled with blank spaces. He pulls out his phone and pulls up an Instagram feed for you. You see a picture of you and your friends dressed in medieval garb. You realize that this is a lie and nothing will ever be the same. Okay, I get it, you say, dropping the list and grabbing your head. We need to make it right, the clerk says. Im sure youve already thought of a few names to write the script with. Im sorry, but I dont think I have any ideas, you say. There, the second floor has been torn down, leaving a bare room. In the room sits six empty chairs, a coffee table, and an old-looking television set. There is a window to the street outside, looking out the window at empty air.

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