Carol Kirkwood mocks BBC Breakfast co-star over his Covid precautions behind-the-scenes

BBC Weather: Carol Kirkwood teases a potential white Christmas

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BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood posted a photo of her nervous-looking colleague Matt Taylor attempting to sip from a mug of coffee while still wearing his face mask. “Errr Matt… .!!!!” she captioned it, alongside a crying with laughter emoji and a masked-up emoji attached to it to punctuate her point.

a little bit of sunshine just to throw in some hope at the end there

Carol Kirkwood

Some of Carol’s 213,800 Twitter followers related to the attitude, with Glenn Vlemincks joking: “Very familiar. My repetitive error is to try and blow the dust off a fallen scarf or glove on public transport.”

Another, IrisFurnham added: “Mine is trying to lick my finger to separate a plastic bag in the greengrocers.”

BettyRedondo concurred: “I have done this !!!! Forgotten the mask and poured coffee all over me!”

Meanwhile Alisa Lakeman laughed: “We’ve all done that at some time in the past year!”

Matt’s position at the BBC is Broadcast Meteorologist, which sees him appearing on BBC Breakfast to share the latest forecasts with viewers, while he was formerly a Senior Operational Meteorologist with the Met Office.

He tweets under the name @MetMattTaylor.

However, last year, there was quite a different tone to some of Carol’s Covid-related comments.

She confessed that she’d comforted a colleague who’d “cried in my car”, feeling devastated that she could not return to her native Poland after coronavirus restrictions placed it on the quarantine list.

“I should be going home to Poland,” TV journalist Marta Newman had written.

“I should be spending time with my mum. I won’t be doing either of those things.”

“Oh Marta… sending you so much [love],” she’d written, alongside a series of love heart emojis.

Carol has been in the news more recently after Strictly contestant and fellow media personality Dan Walker despairingly dismissed one of her weather reports as “rubbish”.

Earlier this month, she was the bearer of bad news for millions who looked set to be battered by Storm Barra.

“Tomorrow there is still a lot of showers,” she had confirmed in her report. “Some of those will be wintry in the hills.

“Some of us seeing some rain. A lot of cloud around and still cold.”

She added a glimmer of positivity in with the line: “And a little bit of sunshine just to throw in some hope at the end there.”

Dan hit back: “Oh I love a bit of hope at the end there, Carol, you rescued it right at the end there, thank you.

“Basically that weather forecast was, ‘it’s rubbish, it’s rubbish, it’s rubbish, but there might be a little hope at the end’.”

Continuing the banter, Carol had threatened: “What are you saying about my forecast being rubbish?

“I’ll have words with you later.”

Dan then laughed: “Oh no! Someone will write that up now.”

He quickly added: “It was an excellent forecast Carol. You are very good at your job.”

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