Cardi B’s 2-Year-Old Daughter Breaks The Internet With RIDICULOUSLY CUTE New Instagram Account!

Welcome to the ‘gram, Kulture Kiari!

The 2-year-old daughter of Cardi B and Offset has officially joined social media with a new Instagram account. Yes, we said she’s 2 years old. The account was only made a couple days ago, but it’s already verified with more than 700,000 followers. Not bad for a girl who can’t even read yet! LOLz!

It’s no wonder gurl has such a head start with Cardi in her corner. The WAP rapper promoted her toddler’s new IG on Saturday, encouraging fans to follow and promising “soo much cool and bute baby stuff coming up.” Kulture’s bio reads:

“Hey buddies Kulture official page I like everything pink Spoiled

The account already has a handful of pictures and videos, including a mini photoshoot with a Louis Vuitton bag gifted from Megan Thee Stallion. There’s also some serious flexing happening on Kulture’s behalf, with a recent video showing off her collection of “ice.” (So, not only does the kid own a Birkin bag, her jewelry collection is probably worth more than most of us have in our bank accounts… cool!)

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I look like mommy here?

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I’m Icey ??

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Fans noted that Momma Cardi seems to be having a lot of fun managing her only child’s Instagram. The captions highlight the rapper’s signature sense of humor:

“Me & my mommy …..My mom was annoying me but it’s ok cause I look cute.”

“My mom telling me NO but that means YES in my language”

“Throwback of my grandma giving me mash potatoes while my entourage records.I didn’t like mash potatoes before now they ok.I prefer rice I love rice

But just because Cardi’s running the show doesn’t mean Kulture isn’t keeping her eye on things. One video shows the toddler giving her own post a double-tap, or as Cardi wrote:

“On my Instagram making sure my mommy don’t post nothing embarrassing on my page.”


Running the adorable new account is probably a welcome distraction for the Grammy winner. (It beats passing the time with disgusting food combinations, anyway.) Not only do we ALL need new hobbies as coronavirus quarantine wears on, but Cardi is also dealing with the fallout of her split from Kulture’s dad. Luckily, the divorce seems to be proceeding as amicably as possible — it’s so chill, she hasn’t even shed a tear. During a Friday IG live, the Hustlers star confirmed:

“It’s nothing crazy, out of this world happened. Sometimes people really do f**king grow apart. I’ve been with this man for four years, I have a kid with this man, I have a household with this man. Sometimes you’re just tired of the arguments, of the build ups. You get tired sometimes.”

With that in mind, we’d say showering your baby with attention is a fairly healthy way of dealing with a breakup, even if it is via a social media account she can’t use on her own yet.

We can’t wait to see more Kulture Kontent on our feeds!!!

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