Cant buy perfect skin! This Mornings Dr Zoe speaks out on Madonnas age-defying photos

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Although some skeptical Madonna followers have savaged the musical star for what they perceive to be “fake” Instagram filters, eye-wateringly pricey skin-care products and cosmetic enhancements, Dr Zoe has a message that might surprise them: “You can’t buy perfect skin.” The 40-year old This Morning doctor had her own say about the scandal, telling what the secret to flawless skin really could be.

With all the money in the world, you cant buy perfect skin

Dr Zoe Williams of This Morning

Dr Zoe has insisted that a far more favourable alternative to caking skin in products is to maintain its health from within.

“I think it’s fair to say that Madonna’s probably been able to access top end products and maybe she’s also had cosmetic procedures that have helped her to look so youthful,” she commented, “but there’s no denying that with all the money in the world, you cant buy perfect skin.”

She elaborated: “There are so many products on the market that cost an absolute fortune, but it is really just about putting something moisturising on.

“The health of the skin really does come predominantly from within.

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“It doesn’t have to be a very expensive product. Most of it is the cherry on top!”

The dermatology expert, who knew she wanted to be a doctor ever since the age of three, would not be drawn on exactly what percentage of Madonna’s look is down to her lifestyle in comparison to possible cosmetic help.

However she did declare: “I think Madonna has always looked much, much younger than she is.

“She may just be genetically blessed, but I think it would be fair to guess that beside favourable genetics, she has really looked after herself and been very, very healthy her whole life.”

She has also offered tips on how readers could aim to achieve a more youthful complexion without the superstar budget.

“The thing to bear in mind is that when it comes to ageing of the skin, one of the biggest factors is sun exposure and how much exposure you have to the sun over your lifetime,” she explained.

“The most important thing that we can all do to protect ourselves from premature ageing of the skin is to protect yourself from the sun.

“Over the course of your life, if you’ve been relatively healthy, had a good diet, been active and managed stress, then the next thing when it comes to looking after the skin is moisturising.”


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The TV expert, who has recently teamed up with skincare brand Doublebase to raise awareness of how to battle skin woes such as psoriasis, eczema and dry skin, advises regular use of an emollient.

Dryness can compromise the skin’s ability to maintain resilience, so Zoe has recommended providing “an extra layer of protection for the skin”.

She also suggested identifying triggers that can cause skin flare-ups, such as poor diet, high stress levels, a lack of sleep, smoking and even excessive sweating – and then tackle them with solutions.

Though she admits Madonna has “resources that most of us won’t have,” she firmly believes successful skin care isn’t always down to money.

Meanwhile, in spite of her day job alerting millions of people to how to manage their health on This Morning, she has also exclusively revealed her desires to play a different and more light-hearted TV role.

The former Gladiators girl, who took on the persona of the formidable Amazon years before she rose to fame as a TV doctor, has now candidly expressed her wishes to become a dancer on Strictly.

She would also like to appear on a show with AJ Odudu in the future.

Zoe, who danced as a child before a lack of money in her family forced her to abandon her lessons, confided: “There’s a big side of my personality and who I am that doesn’t get an opportunity to shine on This Morning or when I do Trust Me, I’m A Doctor, because we all have these different personas that we rely upon, depending on what role we’re playing.

“It would be great to make some TV, something fun, with some mates, and get to show people Zoe.”

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