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Your life is a flickering candle and you feel so beautiful. You cant go to sleep; there is so much you would like to do. Doesnt matter anymore anyway, you have to do. You have already gone through so much, you cannot go on any longer. You decide to stopThere is no more joy in life for you. You do not care anymore about anything, except Flickering Candle. You realize that you will be a fucking tired and cold. You stop to think about your life, and you cant think about it anymore. All this joy and energy that you once found it, is just gone. Flickering Candle feels like another existence to you. It isnt a place, but you feel so comfortable being there. It is so good to you that even with the coldness of being dead, you feel comfortable there. It is better than any new life that might be. You do not care anymore about anything. So you do not need to care. The best game of the year just got a lot better. 40 you can see the team in Seattle and in Columbus where we host Montreal next weekend. 25 you could get in the gate and get a free cup of coffee at the stadium while we played. More Events Back to EventsA number of recent investigations have pointed to the possibility that the use of cannabis is a cause of schizophrenia. This review will examine the evidence for a causal relationship between the use of cannabis and a range of symptoms in schizophrenia. It will also address whether there is an association between the use of marijuana, cannabis use and the schizophrenia spectrum disorders, and what the implications are for public policy. Overall, the available studies indicate that cannabis use may.

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