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You stay in the forestNo way in hell am I staying there to get run over by a semi You exclaim. You both enter the forest, and begin to walk. We should stop for a bit, we are nearly out of food, let me grab some for you. You stop and take the food from her hand. For a very long time, you do eat. Then you hear sounds of the forest and you both turn around. You and Brenda begin to run towards the sounds of a large group coming towards the clearing. You are then dragged off the road by a group of people and a few moments later you feel a sharp pain in your chest. T even know what to think any more. One man says and then you start to feel his hand hitting your chest. You start to let out more gasps of pain, and finally you look up to see him standing over you. Re feeling it and he seems to be enjoying it even more. You must have been having a bad hallucination. M just here to make sure you get the proper treatment for your cancer. S some sort of long dead relative of him that lives nearby. After you are put out of the car a man comes up to you with a syringe and needle and a few other items. You just enjoy the pain, you enjoy the needles. You enjoy the needles for a couple of hours and then he finally lets you up. S job to guide you all down here.

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