Calling it a hard year for the entertainment industry may be an understatement…

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The year as a whole was brutal, but this was by far the nastiest and deadliest year weve had to this point. So I take it youre just doing this for the fuck of it. Your own career prospects are bleak right now, and youre gonna kill me to make a point. Jesus Christ, that just proves I was right in the first place. You were right, son, you reply. You reach into your pocket and take out your handgun, showing it to him. You point the gun at him and fire several times. The boys head explodes in a spray of brain matter like a Pop-Tart thats been left out too long. Poe screams as his head falls off his body. You shout and keep firing until the last bullet flies through the window and hits you in the chest. Im a fucking asshole, he spits back. OK, OK, stop, weve both made our points, the reporter says. Youre only saying that because you hate me. Every day, I sit down and write about how fucked up everything is, you know. Its like Im trying to wake up the masses to how corrupt our government is. I spent years in the military and Ive seen a hell of a lot of shit, you say. If you want to know what these things are that were fighting, all you have to do is look at history. And if it hasnt, its due to our lack of imagination and the fact that were too busy fighting each other. These days, the common man no longer has a say in what his government does. In fact, I was born and raised in Russia, where were ruled by a single party. Ive lived here for thirty years and everything Ive known is controlled.

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