Calling it a hard year for the entertainment industry may be an …

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In fact, even when your life moves as slowly as a giant fossil stream, it s always soooo exciting to listen to your new record. Re going to enjoy the time you have here before you pass into oblivion. You really should get outside more, Suzy. Then spend more time outside and not spend as much time indoors. Suzy, your parents are probably worrying about you right now. I mean they know me and I know them. S why I said spend time with Julie a lot more. Well I can see you have mixed feelings about her. Still, I think you need to talk with her and we can figure it out later. You have a lot of important things to think about right now. You leave your room and start making your way down the grand staircase. When you get to the bottom of the staircase, you stop.

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