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You press the back button to return to the main menu and wait. After a few seconds you hear a Shhh coming from the phone. T even bother trying to get a hold of anyone else, you just go back to watching the movie to your delight. S the morning of the third day when your phone starts ringing. Hey do you think you could possibly pick up the phone. Re watching and get up to answer the phone. T even look like the operator you remember. S more like that girl in high school you always had an obsession with. She seems more into this than you though though. S Amanda and she lives right next door. You explain who you are and how you got this phone and she seems interested. M going to go live with my boyfriend now. Ll be the one taking you back home. Um, well the closest motel is over near the one with the broken down minivan. T want you getting lost in the desert.

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