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You wish you could steal the view. You stop on the street and check out the house from the windows. You see that it is just small cottage compound with just two main structures. One is small with a nice porch and a small front yard. You see people going in both homes and leaving out both homes. You head in and see what all the commotion is aboutYou decide to check out what all the commotion is about, but you also hope to at least find a place to sleep. You begin to check in on the outside world by looking all the streets, going from street to street until you find a house that looks very close. You try to figure out where the house is and what is going on, but find it very dark inside. You go into the house, but it is not empty, and you find a small girl living there. She looks to be about six years old and is dressed in little clothing. She continues speaking about Daddy, saying that the Daddy is a very good man that she wants as much as you do. S a Daddy that really knows how to take care of me. You still have no idea what the Daddy does, but you are now suspicious of this girl. There are no houses anywhere near there. She continues speaking about the Daddy, saying that Daddy was a very good man once and.

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