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This is why I will never buy another MAC Lip balm. I dont know whats in them, Ive never been able to smell the perfumes, But I can tell you that theyre amazing. As far as I can tell theyre like nothing else out there. Their moisturizing formula is great, with a smooth feel and a silky finish. I use a lip balm brush to spread the consistency all over my lips and then gently drag the balm over my lips a few times to coat each lip I find that they last longer than a good MAC balm, and they also leave an amazing glossy finish. Ive been using these Mink and Silk Lash products for the past few days, and I cant believe how great they feel on my lips. Ive been trying to decide exactly which Mink and Silk Lash to use, but Ive now decided to try both. Im also trying to play around with the formula a little bit so if you have any favorites that youre using please feel free to share in the comments. Mink Lashes Ingredients: mink silk silk mattemattematte, silk silk matte, Mink Lashes Ingredients: Mink silk matte, matte, matte, matte, I cant say enough about the longevity of these Mink and Silk Lash products. Theyre so easy to apply and they dont drag on my lips at all. Theyre also a great all around product. If youre looking for more great false lashes, these are an incredible choice. If you need a quick and easy fix for your eyebrows, these are for you. Mink and Silk Eyelashes Ingredients: Mink silk silk matte, silk matte, These eyelids are seriously the best out of the Mink and Silk Lash Collection. As Ive mentioned before, they are silky, matte and absolutely gorgeous. Theyre much thinner than a MAC eyelash, which means they run easier, are much more forgiving on smaller sized eyes and are the perfect solution for those with lazy eye. Its like having false lashes all the time. They also feel so good on my lids. So many times, its hard for me to make a bold eye look, and this product goes a long way towards making it look natural and easy. Ive only had these eyelashes for a couple of days, but I already love them. The only things I have to say that I hate about them is that they arent.

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