Cain Velasquez Hit W/ 10 Charges For Allegedly Firing At Man Charged W/ Molesting Relative

Cain Velasquez allegedly rammed his truck into the car of a man accused of molesting the UFC legend’s family member, before allegedly firing multiple shots into the man’s vehicle, striking the alleged molester’s stepfather.

TMZ Sports has obtained court docs that spell out the allegations against 39-year-old Velasquez.

In the docs, officials say Velasquez followed a 43-year-old man named Harry Goularte — who was recently charged with 1 felony count of a lewd and lascivious act for allegedly molesting Velasquez’s “close relative” — along with his mom and stepdad from their San Martin, CA home on Monday afternoon.

Velasquez, who was driving a black Ford F-250, then allegedly began shooting into the Chevy Silverado driven by Goularte’s stepdad.

Authorities say Cain caught up to the car and rammed it, before eventually firing off more shots.

Cops were called, and Velasquez allegedly left the scene. Soon after, cops located Cain on the road, pulled him over and took him into custody without issue.

According to the docs, police found a 40-caliber semi-automatic handgun in Cain’s truck. They also noted they found two 10-bullet magazines in the vehicle, noting that 8 total bullets were missing from the mags.

Cain has been hit with 10 charges, including 1st degree attempted murder, multiple counts of assault with a deadly weapon, and shooting an occupied motor vehicle, among others.

If he’s ultimately convicted, Cain is facing decades in prison.

But, it’s the circumstances surrounding the case that makes this situation unique.

Goularte faced a judge for his charge last week, but somehow was allowed to leave jail on supervised release … despite the egregious allegations against the man.

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