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Article about 80s female celebrities

Lukas starts off the set by showing you a demo of the track which looks incredible and you can tell he really wanted to get it right. He starts by asking you questions about your music background and what sort of sound you want to develop with your music. You explain that your music is all about uplifting an introspective mood and that your current sound is one of doom and gloom. Its an insightful answer since you have two sides to your personality and your music reflects that. Still, it doesnt help you much on the day. When you enter the studio, the place is like a disaster area. Outside, a big hole has been torn in the wall of the studio to allow traffic to pass though. You head to the back of the studio which has been torn through the wall and there, you see a pile of destroyed equipment and a naked woman. You stare at the naked woman in shock and frustration for a few moments. You feel like youve failed yet another audition since this one is just as bad as the last one. The woman stands up, pulls a small revolver out of her waistband and pulls the trigger. A hail of bullets flies at you and you duck and roll out of the way only to run into Lukas who calls out in pain and falls to the ground clutching his leg. You feel guilty and realize that on the day of your audition, you dropped your gun and its going to be hard to get it back tonight. You feel like you have no other choice but to help Lukas out.

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