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We will be ending up at a random point to determine your score. And your score will not transfer over to your list. So if youYour phone buzzes in your hand, you answer it, and a screen fills with a number. M calling from a payphone outside a gas station, what is this number. You mutter and put your phone away. After taking a quick look at the incoming call list, you see your phone is being called directly by the answering machine. Its a busy signal, so you just hang up. You sigh and try your cell phone again, then find your computer. There are a lot of names on the list, but one that stands out is John Carter from Mars. S a really long way from the Red Planet. Where the heck would you find a space ship with no controls and no pilot. Wait, so you had to steal a spaceship from Mars. I guess I can guess where you got the spaceship, but can you tell me where you got the spaceship from.

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