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Salon Styling provides a new salon chair to you at a goodly low price. It is an average price, but it is better than nothing. You drive back to the trailer park with the trailerYou exit your vehicle, and drive the vehicle out of the drive way of the trailer park, with a lot of luck and a lot of speed. You get back to your trailer, without any damage, and you immediately set about putting your stuff back in its place. After about a few hours, your trailer door is opened, and you see Julie. She immediately sees the damaged vehicle, and looks at you, confused. Why didnt you put your stuff back in your trailer. You explain that you went out and bought some things to put in your trailer, and then you went back to your trailer. I went out and got some stuff to put in my trailer. My mother sent me to get some of my things, because I didnt bring many with me to the trailer park. Then the trailer door was suddenly kicked open. Someone started shooting at my trailer, and there was a lot of it, so I started hiding. I tried to call out for my mother, but I dont have a phone. I tried to call out for anyone else, but there isnt anyone else here, so there was nobody to call out for. Then I kept running, until I started hearing the sounds of the shooting. I saw a bloody body, but I dont know if that was my brother. You will search for your brotherJulie begins going into the trailer, and looking for your brother. When you see her search, you quickly go out to join her in searching. You soon find your brothers body. His throat has been slit, and there is blood on his hands. I found my brother, the man that I am married to. I dont know who did this, but I can tell you, nobody deserves to murder a human being, let alone one so close to you. No matter who did this, we will find the person who did this.

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