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The plant is called Monrovias and it belongs to the Boxwood family. The name Boxwood is not as old as Monrovias itself, but the name has been associated with many kinds of wood in many kinds of environments for a long time so it seems fitting for this particular variety. Dark Green means that it has a darker green color than the other varieties which have a shade of pale green, or even light green. The Green part of the name relates to the fact that it contains roughly equal amounts of Carbon, Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sodium in its composition. The Ginger part refers to this varietys characteristic scent. The Green variety of this plant is a semi-dwarf, meaning it contains between 2. 2 of the actual dwarfism, which is a measure for a plant that is smaller than one pound but large enough to produce fruit. The Boxwood part of the name means it is part of the Boxwood family, which is a genus that includes such trees as the Maple and the Maple that is found in North America. Since this plant is part of this genus, the leaves of this variety are usually purple, gray or green and the flower heads are usually blue. The flowers are not edible, a fact that probably helped with the name Green but the plant does produce seeds, so you can eat an edible form of this plant. If all goes according to plan:You will have several plants growing in your garden, and the ones in the front yard will be your best quality. They are usually larger, and have a better flavor and smell, but dont worry if they dont produce what you want right away. They will produce fruit when they reach adulthood, which means that you will likely get several plants in your garden and you will grow a few different varieties of this boxwood variety. The Obama Administration will reportedly not be pursuing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton even if it had the evidence to do so. In a report Monday, The New York Times revealed that the Department of Justice is reportedly holding off from pursuing a criminal case against the presumed Democratic nominee for President over her use of a private email server while serving as Secretary of State. FBI Director James Comey recommended last month that the Justice Department not pursue criminal charges against Clinton. The report further suggests that the revelation of the investigation could be politically damaging and could lead to a loss in her home state if she runs for President in 2016. The Times said FBI agents have been reluctant to speak on the record but confirmed to The Times that agents have been instructed not to discuss the investigation publicly unless prosecutors seek to bring charges. However, the report suggests that the Obama Administration is not backing the FBIs decision to hold.

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