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You can be the next Kim, but not because you and the Kardashians cant be the next Kardashians. I can make that happen, just like I can create the next Rihanna. You see, theres a little-known procedure that can help. I was hoping that was going to happen, because you know what. Youve been doing well until this moment. Now, Im going to show you a little trick that makes your smile even better. Im not going to tell you that this is going to be a permanent thing. This is not going to make you a happy, smiling, gregarious person. Like, it helps people when theyre in a big pinch, when someone else is helping. Like, if you see somebody who needs help, who else do you go to but a friend. No, Im going to tell you this procedure is for people like that. Like, Im in favor of helping people in need, because its the right thing to do, okay. So, you are a person in need, and someone is helping you. You open your mouth and put a piece of the porcelain in your mouth that is there, okay. So you just take it out, put it back in, and you feel something happen. Maybe you dont feel anything else. When I was with you, I was so focused on you that I was almost asleep for a moment, okay. This procedure requires that your mouth be completely open. If you feel anything happen, like if you feel some heat or you feel a tingling, you know what it is.

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