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However, anyone who complains or questions the Fenty brand is to be shot. You dont say anythingThe next day, you leave the library and find someplace where you can think. You dont know why you feel such a need to think, but you do. You wonder how you will explain this to the people that you love, all of whom seem to have accepted you despite your quirks. Perhaps they will just forget about you, you think, and you think that this might be the only way to make yourself feel better, but then, if it really is the only way, then you also need to be strong. M really good, really good, really good. You say this with conviction, but you know youre not really. The guardsmen leave, and you continue to walk to your room. You have no doubt that they will try to follow you, but they dont. After a few minutes, you sit down on your bed, and close your eyes. You have never been so nervous in your life. You continue to sit there, afraid to move. Re also afraid of what those people might do. You hear a loud explosion, and then there is darkness. I just got some information about where to go from a lady who works at the guild in the university.

This information about Fenty beauty cruelty free