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It wasnt just funny and adorable but actually kind of smart. The challenge had gone to the most-elaborate lengths of advice. You remember the night when you felt the most beautiful one and the most ugly at the same time. You had been drinking too much. It was dark, you had to wear the same clothes that you were wearing when you had gone to sleep. You had tried to think of a story that makes sense, but you had nothing. But there had been a girl, you had even fallen in love with her and you think that you had tried to hurt her, she had hurt you. But you were tired all the time, you had always been tired, you had long gone beyond love and started to think about a desire to kill people. You were alone in your room all the time. No more than five people ever come in the house at the same time, you do everything yourself. This life, this lonely feeling, this feeling of wanting to kill someone. There was an animal in your head, it was strong and it was beautiful. You cannot explain what this was, only that it was, you know, something. The animal in your head is no longer there. This feeling that you have, this feeling that you have of your soul is the most beautiful that you have ever felt. You could feel it in your bones that your soul was strong and you could break it with a single, unbreakable thought. You never knew what caused you to feel this way. You wanted to feel like you were wanted. You were afraid of losing your soul. You have not yet felt the need to kill anyone, but you were afraid of losing it. Well, you cant have it all, can you.

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