But nipple piercings have been freed, so to speak…

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Celebs Who Showed Off Their Nipple Piercings.

Kim Kardashian, who recently showed off her edgy nipple piercing on her Instagram account. I got a big pink heart on my right nipple, I dont know what the hell it is, she wrote. I think it belongs to my older sister Kylie, but I dont really care I guess. The photo, which has already gotten over 7,000 likes, has also gotten the attention of a few people on social media. Why the heck does Kendall Jenner have a big heart on her nipple. Welp my boyfriend thinks Kylie Jenners big heart is a symbol of love. Its a huge clump of maggots, another person said. I think Kylie Jenner just got an early birthday present, another person wrote. She looks like she has maggot lips on her face. I think it looks like she got a clogged drain, someone named Chris wrote. Also, she could of done better with her use of color. Why she cant do more than one is beyond my comprehension. Id be down to have pinky ring on my nipple, but this is just stupid. In addition to her big pink heart on her nipple, Kendall Jenner also has a heart with dollar signs in her eyes and a star on her collarbone on the right side of her chest. In another photo, Jenner has a tiny star on each nipple and some colorful beads tied around her right one. Jenner was also once in a relationship with basketball player and actor Kris Humphries who left her for Amber Rose. Read More Trending News:When former Vice President Joe Biden stepped down as the head of the Democratic National Committee, he said he did so in hopes that Democrats would win back Congress. Since then, theyve lost seats in Congress, the presidency, and in the Supreme Court. While this loss isnt entirely his fault, itd be a shame if he left the race before the DNC was able to get a new leader. Former Maryland Governor Martin OMalley is well-known for his progressive record in office, but his lack as a candidate has caused more than a few questions. Could he be the Democratic candidate that can take down Donald Trump. When you talk about a candidate, it means you need to start thinking about who they are. Martin OMalleys progressive rhetoric is a huge selling point, but what the rest of his plans actually entail to do about them arent exactly clear.

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