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I mean I get that some things, like most things, taste better with a little bit of meat, but I dont think a huge amount of these celebrities are even 100 vegan. Hell, some of them are a little more than vegan, if theyre just making vague proclamations about it. These celebrities could be eating all sorts of foods with animal products, even if they dont say they are. You stop yourself from getting angry at your own hypocrisy for a few seconds when your mom asks you if your new vegetarianism is just a lifestyle thing. I want to enjoy it and I want to experience it in a way that isnt tainted. This is the best way I know how to do it, and thats why Im doing it. The way things are now, people are getting sicker and sicker every day. Theres no way to stop it, its too far gone, and were not doing enough about it. So why do we continue to stay silent about it. If we dont, were just going to be reinforcing that horrible system. Your mom looks a little taken back by your explanation. Im sort of not opposed to the world surviving, but Im also not fond of the idea that the way were going about it right now isnt a way thats going to make the world survive. I mean I dont know about you, but Ive noticed a few things about the lifestyle. My own, lets just say, hadnt been exactly the most enjoyable of lives. The second thing Ive noticed is that most of the people that arent vegetarians or vegans or what have you seem to be the same sort of people. People who are always looking for a quick way out of having to do something. I mean a lot of these people I have to believe are also doing a hell of a lot of drugs and alcohol. I think that one reason for the popularity of veganism is that it could save our planet from all these people. I mean I certainly can see the merit to it, but I think we have to keep in mind that the things were doing are going to result in other people becoming sicker and sicker. So I just see a whole lot of wasted time with only a few benefits. I know I dont want to be doing this, but I don.

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