But her anachronistic dress invites the question: Whats she doing here…

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T really help her case in the eyes of the police. M pretty sure I can promote a party without promoting prostitution, prostitution, prostitution. The thing is, you have a lot of support for this party from a lot of people. S going to get shut down anyway. Re a known celebrity, you can do what you want. Well yes, but not for prostitution or promoting a damn party. Re just promoting the party you want. Re just promoting the party by wearing it is because the Yellow Gown was not part of the original theme of the party. These types of parties have a lot of themes and this was not one of them. It is also a violation of the Facebook terms of service to put the photo in the description of a party or group. Like I said, you can make it a group invite or you can choose to not display the photo. The police are just trying to be helpful, but this is starting to sound a little shady.

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