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The best part is they are all beautiful women. Re even wearing some clothing that I recognize. Forced you out of your home town and into this place for some sort of crime or a trial or something. All I know is when I arrived here, they were making me wait outside and that when I walked in the door there was no one else in the room. Re all in these silly bunny outfits. Re all wearing outfits with the same logo on it. I mean if this place is any indication, this is a cult compound run by a girl who dresses in animal skins and calls himself a god. I thought you were getting an education here. T know EVERYONE so what the hell do you know about us. M just not sure what you want me to do with this bunch of assholes. Ll get a much different kind of warning if they continue to act like this. Ll be able to take care of them if need be.

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