Burgundy bronze foliage creates an illuminating backdrop for the blue flowering spikes that …

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Ajuga reptans is valuable as, it has high, value in furtherance Carpet Bugle Ajuga reptans Ajuga reptans Ajuga reptans Ajuga reptans, Ajuga. The little flower heads slowly tilt upwards and turn from their sloping position. They are now pointed upwards and are now slightly wider than they are tall. As they slowly turn they form a series of three spikes that hang down from the flower heads. The three spikes form a triangle shape that is a mix of a jagged diamond and a rounded triangle. The three spikes form a triangle with the bottom one extending from the left side of the triangle to the right side. A thin line of fog appears before your eyes and you blink your eyes to clear them. It is as if a heavy fog has been slowly lifting from the depths of the forest. You notice a small silver dot in the fog on one side of the triangle you are seeing. You look up and see it isnt an enemy it is just you. You then look around and see that you are now surrounded by many large trees and large vines have been climbing the trees and vines. Your vision is clouded and you find yourself having a hard time breathing. It is almost as if your spirit has been trapped in a tiny silver box. You feel as if you are slowly losing your mind. You have the urge to look back, away, to the sky, or the ground, or anywhere at all, but fear and confusion keep you from doing so. The silver dot on one side of the triangle begins shrinking which is a good sign. The other side of the triangle appears to be about the same size as the one in the center. They both slowly begin to grow larger and the triangle starts coming closer to you. You take one look at what you see and you cannot help but think back to some old fairy tales you have heard about spirits trapped in boxes.

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