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You say to yourself as your voice begins to slowly fade from that of a child to that of an old man. I really need to find something to keep myself busy with. You quickly get dressed; however your feet do not seem to know the meaning of the act of dressing like a human. You simply put on clothes you find comfortable to you, and put them back on. You also take all the necessary supplies you might need to survive off of your body. Unfortunately you still dont feel like you have a proper set of clothes, you dont feel quite right, but you arent ready to abandon your search yet. You dont leave until you are completely dressed and feeling a lot better. You head down to your office and look upon all your items and decide where you would like to stay. At this point you can only hope they dont all live in the basement. You then make a mental checklist of all the things you would need to survive if you found out you never found a job, and you are forced to accept your fate. You make your way back to the bar and sit near the bar, you have spent too much time in this place and are already looking forward to leaving it. You have a rough idea of where the rest of the city is, but if you had to guess, you would say there are some good jobs out there somewhere. Finally, you feel you have your destination in mind, but you still have one more item to purchase before you leave this place. You take a deep breath and decide to finally buy a cell phone. You cant imagine not having this essential tool. While you are pondering the phone in your hand you hear the sound of one of the girls in the bar call the number on the back of your phone. You hear a nice female voice say in a very excited tone. I have been listening to your music all night. The voice sounds like a recording, but you still are a little curious. You have been listening to my music all night. This is my first time releasing such music and I am so proud of myself for doing so. I am calling to ask if you would like me to release more.

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