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Your Thoughts Just May Be Right, Maybe Your Thoughts Are Wrong; But Your Actions Will Never Be Successfull. What should happen when a world-renowned detective is arrested and sent to jail. An investigation ensues that will involve some of the most interesting people in the criminal underworld including a well-known bank robber and a mysterious drug dealer. You are an FBI agent and your investigation will take you from the most dangerous places in the world, to the most exciting places and to a city that you have never ventured too. A city that, while still in its early stages, is already filled with intrigue. You arrive in a quiet and safe suburb of New York City. You see a police car sitting outside a building. The cops have arrested a celebrity that the public wants to see and you are there to take him away, so only he knows for sure what happened. You enter his building and go into his waiting car. You see the handcuffs and the metal bars that have been placed around his neck. His hands and his face are covered in blood and a bruise can be seen on his forehead. You try to talk to him, but you are interrupted by a voice from outside. It seems that his guards have found a way to let him out of jail, but to do it with a lot less problems. Now, as he drives away with his guards following him, you are wondering if he will come back alive or not. The car does not even slow down, it speeds up and even pulls out the front door. The person that is driving it is in the passenger seat, and the person is wearing a ski mask over his face. You are unsure if you should continue your investigation or not. Will you try to find out who is behind all this. You continue your missionAfter some more talking, you decide to go to the source. You know that he has already made a lot of money, so you dont think he need to be afraid. When you arrive, you see a man with long hair standing in the corner. His face cant be seen due to the ski mask, but you know that it isnt going to be easy to talk to him. As you walk closer to him, suddenly he starts to scream and run as fast as he can out of there. You then hear a gunshot and see the last remnants of the mans body falling down the staircase. You are back to the starting point as you wonder what happened.

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