Broadway beauty and the beast

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You look around and try not to get too scared. There arent going to be too many people here, but the place has a really neat air. You can see there are a few tables and chairs outside, but you cant imagine theres going to be many people waiting for their food. You think back to the guy you saw in the window a few days ago. If he even noticed you were there. The noise of people trying to eat their food, and the noise of people in line trying to get them out of their way. You leave the lineYou decide it would be best to get your food somewhere else. You follow the person in front of you who is looking for their chicken noodle soup. After you leave the line, you keep looking around at various groups of people trying to get in, and try to avoid looking at them. You do see other people looking back at you. Youve become adept at blending in with the crowd here, and at this distance its not really visible. Still, being a little too close to people in line makes you nervous. You keep looking around, and you never actually see anybody with a dirty look on their face. Finally, you get your food, and quickly get on your way. A few people are even smiling at you, and you assume youve blended in somehow. The place looks nice, and everything is neat and tidy. You think back on the guy you saw in the window a few days ago. If he even noticed you were here. You think back to your meal at the original location of the Chicken and Waffles, and you cant believe how great it was. You try and remember some details, but its a little too weird. You think back to how you were feeling immediately after you woke up, and you wonder if that was a hallucination. Your head hurts, and you realize that you need to get some sleep. You take a deep breathe of air and fall into sleep. You awake to the sound of banging at your door. You groggily raise an eye just in time to see a massive man wearing a bright blue shirt open it and get in. You stare at this giant man for a moment, and then you realize hes an actual person. Then, his face lights up when he sees you, and he hugs you. Hes not really here to kill you, he just needs you to come with him. He knows the Chicken and Waffles is your favorite place in town, and he needs someone there to look after it.

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