Britney Spears' 'I'm Okay' Video Isn't a Secret Cry for Help

Britney Spears told fans directly that she’s fine and more than happy — but they still don’t believe her, suspecting she’s being forced to say so.

Fans have been buzzing since Britney’s video late last week in which she said herself she IS okay, and she’s just taking some time off professionally as she enjoys herself.

You’d think that’d be enough for the #FB crowd — but as it turns out, it wasn’t … ’cause folks were leaving tons of comments speculating she was reading a script or the video was edited in a way to mask some more insidious stuff happening behind the scenes.

Unfortunately for the conspiracy crowd … that is NOT the case — in fact, sources close to Britney say the exact opposite is true. Namely, the way the video is edited is actually all Britney’s doing, and she edited the clip herself. There is NO longer version in existence.

And no … our sources say Britney is not reading from a script. As for why she’s “swaying” as many people noted — we’re told she’s just shy and a little fidgety. That’s it … nothing else to it.

If you’re wondering why Britney chose this time to address the “are you okay?” question — we’re told it’s because Britney does, indeed, read comments left on her posts … and noticed a lot of folks asking. So, she figured she’d assure everyone she’s fine … despite the concern.

Of course, no explanation will be good enough for some who want to believe their own stories. But, we’ve been assured — the honest to God truth is this … Britney isn’t crying out for help.

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