Britney Spears' 'Controlling' Mother Lynne Forced Her To End 55-Hour Marriage, Says Divorce Attorney!

We know Jamie Spears is a snake, but now it’s time to take a closer look at his ex-wife, Lynne Spears.

Britney Spears has definitely singled out her dad as the main abuser in her conservatorship case, but she’s also on the record saying she wants to sue her WHOLE family for how they treated her. In recent investigations into the situation, Lynne has been portrayed as going along to get along, intimidated by Jamie herself and even allegedly believing that the conservatorship would be temporary. But she may have had a more active role in controlling her daughter than we previously thought.

Divorce attorney Mark Goldberg, now retired, almost represented the pop star’s ex-husband Jason Alexander amid their infamous 55-hour marriage in 2004. Speaking with, the lawyer recalled the case — and Lynne’s involvement in removing Britney’s childhood sweetheart from her life.

Reiterating Jason’s own words about the situation, Goldberg told the outlet:

“I felt sorry for the kid. He really hoped and believed that he and Britney would get back together.”

He remembered:

“Jason was looking for advice. He was very emotional and upset. Britney had called him to come to Las Vegas. She was there with friends as I recall, and she paid for his airfare to come. As I remember it, it was Britney’s idea to get married. He said they hadn’t been drinking or doing drugs — or at least they weren’t drunk. … I asked him several times because if I was going to represent him, I needed to know all the facts and he was clear, they weren’t…they just really loved each other.”

The 80-year-old went on:

“The two of them went by themselves to a wedding chapel and got married then came back to the hotel suite and their friends, all happy. The next morning, they called Britney’s mother and all hell broke loose. … It was the mother interfering in and inserting herself into her daughter’s life. She came to Las Vegas, threw Jason out and got him a plane ticket home.”

Yep — it was Lynne, not Jamie, who swooped in to meddle in this case. (When the singer married Kevin Federline months later, the Spears matriarch “lost her mind,” according to the New Yorker conservatorship expose. A close friend claimed Britney’s team didn’t want to allow that wedding to be “made legal” either.)

Sure, it might be upsetting to hear your 22-year-old daughter had a quickie Vegas wedding, but she was an adult woman who made her own living and could make her own choices. Instead, Lynne and her management pushed for an annulment on the basis that the Circus artist “lacked understanding of her actions, to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage.”

That’s when Jason got Goldberg involved, who advised him:

“I explained that we could contest the annulment. As far as I could see it wasn’t appropriate. They had got married in good faith, both had the ability to say, ‘I do,’ and they had consummated the marriage. I told him that if they split it would probably be a divorce.”

But, as Jason said, he was duped by his ex’s team. Goldberg confirmed that account:

”He told me, ‘They want an annulment. I love her, I think she loves me, we’ll see what the future holds.’ I explained it to him. I told him we could fight the annulment, but I think in his heart Jason thought and hoped that if he went along with it, he, and Britney, the two of them, would get back together.”

Giving his own opinion of the situation, he shared:

“It was none of her mother’s business, but Britney was being controlled and has been controlled since she was a young girl. She gave in to her mother’s demands. Honestly, I feel sorry for the girl, and I felt sorry for the kid . The mother came in and threw Jason out, bought him a plane ticket and sent him packing. It was Britney’s idea for him to come to Las Vegas and he was happy to do it because he loved her. But she’s been under the strict hands of her parents all her life – her mother, then her father who has made so much money off her. There’s no love, no respect there. There’s nothing there.”

He added:

“I really believe this particular event had a detrimental impact on Britney Spears’s life – the way she’s been controlled and the toll that has taken. The whole situation stuck with me all through the years because I feel sorry for the kid. He really hoped they’d get back together. Instead, she moved on with her life and career and got married again.”

It should be said that EVERYONE is giving their two cents on Britney’s conservatorship right now — even this lawyer, who was only ever tangentially related to her, and probably doesn’t have the authority to weigh in on what was truly “detrimental” to her life. But we can all agree that what went down with the annulment foreshadowed what was to come with the superstar’s legal troubles.

Goldberg concluded:

“Jason was confused because he loved Britney and he didn’t want to hurt her, but he was very afraid of her mother and management. This wasn’t a stranger she’d just picked up. They had known each other for years. He thought if he played the game and did what they asked she’d come round, and he and Britney would be together.”

This is just another situation that we’d love to hear about from Britney’s perspective — and we know she has a lot more of her own story to share. It just goes to show that Lynne is, ahem, not so innocent when it comes to meddling in her daughter’s affairs. We’re glad the momma’s standing up for her now, but she should have fought for her daughter’s autonomy over her life all along.

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