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From the US, since theyre not in any regular distribution area. Im not sure exactly what kind of postage you would have to pay since it would depend on how big your order was. You buy the samplesAfter doing a bit more research on the sample packs, you decide to go with the sample pack since theyre in a distribution area thats fairly close and at least it could save you a bit of money than if you went with the full size. This might come at a price though since the sample packs arent individually wrapped like the full packs. So you end up with these:A little of everything including some of the products you didnt even want. A little of everything including some of the products you didnt even want. So far so good, youre not complaining. In fact, youre feeling pretty good about your new found money-making potential. You have a few items that make you a little more nervous though. While getting some of the sample packs to your house is pretty quick, youre unsure if itll be as quick to get back in the mail. You figure if it takes you a year to get your first shipment, youll be able to do it. Then theres the fact that you ended up buying them from another seller. If you really get caught, theres no guarantee the sellers will just give them right back to you since they might have to pay back the money you paid for them. All of which makes you a little nervous about your new career choice. You dont want to make a mistake in the new, uncertain universe that youre entering. You need to make sure you get it right this time. You have to try to get rid of these samples though. You go to your closet and rummage through your clothes and find a few of the items that you actually want. Once you have all of your items all sorted out you check the shipping status on the packages. You grab your keys and go outside. First thing you do is start looking around around your house. Theres not much to it, but at least this might help you decide which way you should go. You start looking around the backyard and then you notice your mailbox is slightly ajar. You try to open it, but since its a bit of a mess you just walk around to the front and open it up. There on the inside is the package you ordered, in the front of it is a note and.

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