Brec Bassinger Shares Fun Fact About The Final Scene In ‘DC’s Stargirl’ Season Finale

The season one finale of DC’s Stargirl premieres TODAY (August 10) on the DC Universe app!

Star Brec Bassinger recently opened up about the two part finale and she shared a fun little anecdote about the final scene of the season.

“I feel like there’s so much chaos, in these last two episodes in particular, with Grundy, with Shiv. Ugh. Oh my gosh,” Brec told Decider.

“Okay, this is really fun. So there’s actually a scene that was originally written in the pilot. But it didn’t make sense yet,” she continued. “It’s in this, it’s the very, very last scene of the season. It’s so beautiful. Be expecting lots of chaos, when it comes to the villain/hero stuff. But then also, when it comes to Pat and Courtney, there’s some really great [scenes].”

You can catch part two of the season finale of DC’s Stargirl TODAY (August 10) on the DC Universe app, or you can tune in TOMORROW (August 11) to watch it on The CW!

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