Brandon Gibbs and Julia Trubkina: Spoiling 90 Day Fiance Storyline?

This week’s 90 Day Fiance episode put one of viewers’ favorite couples through the wringer.

The big question was whether Brandon had gotten Julia pregnant.

Fans have been wondering if the two can make it as a couple, especially given Brandon’s toxic, controlling parents.

Brandon’s been posting cute, happy couple photos … but is he trying to cover up a breakup?

Fortunately, Julia is not pregnant — or at least she wasn’t when Season 8, Episode 11 was filmed.

Her morning sickness, just one week after Brandon’s pullout method mishap, was terrifying.

It was a false alarm, and viewers hope that the pregnancy scare will be a wakeup call.

Of course, the most bizarre part of that entire debacle was Brandon inexplicably wanting to tell his parents.

Pregnancy news would make sense to tell Betty and Ron, since it would be their grandchild (and it’s their house).

But telling them before even taking a test? Literally why would anyone want to do that?

As Julia understands, Brandon has been conditioned to be totally emotionally dependent upon his controlling parents.

They treat him like a child, and without room to grow and make his own choices — and mistakes, Brandon’s personal growth has been stunted.

None of that excuses how Betty and Ron have treated him or Julia, of course. They’re clearly bad people.

But in recent weeks, Brandon has been going out of his way to post, well, really cute pics of him and Julia.

They’re more or less generic couples photos, things that you’d see from any young, hot couple.

But fans feel like he’s trying to spam them with happy images … and question what his game is.

See, he may be violating the NDA that all stars on 90 Day Fiance must sign.

You’re not supposed to spoil your season’s outcome, even if the entire fandom knows how it ends anyway.

Plenty of couples share cute pics but don’t end up together, but … is that the case with Brandon?

Some fans think that this is exactly what’s up — that he and Julia broke up, and that he’s trying to, what, save face? Trick fans?

It’s hard to speculate as to what Brandon’s motives may be in sharing these photos.

Perhaps, by not placing a time stamp on them, sharing “throwbacks” doesn’t spoil anything after all.

But we don’t think that Brandon is trying to hide a breakup.

Why? Because it’s widely believed that he and Julia are together.

Certainly, they were still together less than two months ago — which was many, many months after filming 90 Day Fiance.

Here is the couple, likely several months into their marriage, partying on New Year’s Eve.

We are of course very disappointed that Brandon and Julia seemed to visit friends for an indoor gathering during the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the same time, we are thrilled to see them still together. They are one of this season’s most watched, most interesting, and most liked couples.

Maybe Brandon would do better to follow other stars’ examples and post solo photos, explicitly labeling all couples photos as “throwbacks.”

But though he’s not especially young, his obvious giddiness over his relationship is frankly adorable.

We’re rooting for Brandon and Julia to make it … and to move at least one state away from Betty, Ron, and that nightmare farm.

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