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Well that and a very tasty bowl of my new favorite chili recipe. M afraid I have many plans to have more fun tonight, so I will see you later. You reply back, and then leave before the door hits the wall. You go out and try to find a girl to talk toThis sounds reasonable, so you go out to find some girl to talk to. Of course, this is when you find that you can no longer look at a girl as just a physical object. T quite put your finger on why. The next few girls you see act like the ones outside, though this time with some physical attraction. You turn around and see a girl about your age, with glasses and a short skirt with no tops. Ve been alone my whole life. T get to wear skirts too much. Re not getting any in a timely manner. S time to leave town like you said. D really rather not talk to any bar girls, so you return to the truck and put on some music.

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