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You could probably go on for hours, but its getting late, so youll end this here. Youve gotten used to the idea of waking up early by now, but now that youre actually awake, its nice to get the day started right. You grab your iPod, put your feet up on the couch and get ready to go to sleep. Your eyes immediately flutter open, and you cant help but to be startled by the bright light thats flooded your room. You look over to the clock on your nightstand and see that its quite late, but that seems to be normal for you, so you dont mind it. You take a quick look around in the dim light in your room as you drift off to sleepYou dont have the best dreams that often, but youve never had a dream like this in the past. Youve never experienced a dream like this in your entire life. This isnt a dream that you should be able to fully understand or even believe in, but you cant help but to wonder what exactly is going on in these dreams. You feel like youre in some sort of dream state, and youre not even fully dreaming. Your eyes flutter open and you find yourself lying on the bed, facing the wall. Your eyes feel heavy and youre not sure of how you got here, but youre not in your bedroom. Your eyes quickly adjust to the darkness and you feel like youve been somewhere youve never been before. You see a bed in the far corner of the room. But thats not where you are; you feel like youre in a different part of the house. The windows in this room are closed, but you can make out the room right beside you. Everything here makes no sense to you; the furniture looks like it was brought in the middle of the night, and the lights here also seem to be on when they shouldnt be. This is a strange dream to have, but it feels all too familiar to you. It feels like youre in a dream like this for the first time, but then again youve been having a lot of weird dreams lately. Suddenly, those two words come to your mind. Its not your time yetYou feel a pain in your heart; youre probably dreaming. That thought makes you jump in your sleep without even having realized it. You find yourself in a dark, dimly lit room full of strange contraptions. Everything is broken and bent, broken, and bent to the point of uselessness. You also can see through the cracks and crevices of several objects and objects. Everything seems so strange in this scene, and while youve never seen anything quite quite like this before, youre not.

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