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You dont think its good to go yet. You think we should wait a little while, the storm is getting worse. In another hour, we should have an opportunity to take some prisoners. A little while after that, the storm will be over and there will be a way to get back to town. You cant imagine that the soldiers are going to let you out of one of their guns without a fight. You tell the soldier to get his hands on you right now. You just did that, so thats what youll do. The man with you starts to get impatient, but you ignore him. You think that you deserve a little leniency because you were just the one who helped to hold the door and heh heh heh, you were the only one who could reach in and open it. If youre going to be in for any kind of punishment, your best chance is to get inside the guns before the soldiers realize what you did and come for you. You climb up on the outside of the building first. You cant go in from the inside of the building due to the guns on the top, you need to get outside to get through it. You walk to the back end of the building, where the walls are about eight to ten feet high and three high, depending on how many guns they have. You can see them from here, though, so you know that the door is going to be there. So, youll just have to try to climb the guns before the soldiers come. The door isnt there and the guns look like theyre just broken and stripped, or in a lot of cases, just a broken gun. You try to climb the guns and find that you cant. You try to climb the other way and you cant either. You think you can climb it easily, but thats when you find out that you fall to your knees. Theyre just like other walls in this place.

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