Boldman will play the male lead in the highly anticipated film Cruise, written and …

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You perform as the character CrawfordYou start to do your usual routine and you are actually pretty good at it and have to say all of the girls that have seen you do it so far really like you. They tell you that they think you would make a good lead in the movie. Nothing, you lie and you continue your routine, its just my natural talent and being a pretty face. When you finish your act, you see that the director, Rob, is checking you out. I gotta say, you did pretty good, Rob says. Hes pretty good, too, another girl says. Rob motions for you all to come over to his car. You all do so and you are all in a big group. When you get to his car, he motions for all of you to sit in the back and you all do so and he drives off. All of a sudden, he gets off his vehicle and pulls out his cell phone and turns the radio on. You see a play called MASH MANIA on the radio. You turn the radio way too loud and while you all are listening to the radio, Rob begins to sing some song on the radio. You then all start to sing along. Hey hey hey whoa hey hey whoa. Hey hey hey hey hey hey. Hey hey hey a-ho-ho-huh a-ho-ho-huh a-ho-ho-huh a-ho-ho-huh a-ho-ho-huh a-ho-ho-huh a-ho-ho-huh. Hey hey hey hey hey hey, hey. Suddenly, Rob stops singing and turns off the radio. Thats fucking Rob, another girl says. Yeah, hes the director, the first girl adds.

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