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From the looks of your social media profiles, the rest of your classmates appear to be a bunch of college aged misfits, and youve never even seen the inside of a sex shop. It occurs to you that it might be better to try to avoid classes for the next few days, but youve got little choice. Hey, Im ready to take a step towards my goals. Do you have any classes I can take to improve my skills. You just make yourself as useful as possible now, youll get over school eventually. You decide to get as much useful experience as possible before you start paying your dues. Youve got a lot of time to go, so youve got to impress the ladies and be on time. That means going to class, at a reasonably early time. You spend the next few days making a point to go to all the necessary classes. You dont go to classes you dont need to be around, and you dont go to classes you dont feel confident in. A few days before your one day deadline, you get to class. You got enough time to hear your name called this time, so please make yourself useful. If this school has taught me one thing, its that ladies are very particular about such things. We dont want some dork who talks on a cellphone to give us bad head. We want someone who knows how to make themselves sexually appealing. I assume if youre here, youre already in a relationship and this will serve as your first date. Dont interrupt me unless the lady directly asks you to. You find your seat at the front of the class. You know pretty soon after the teacher finishes. Alright, how about we start with the easiest thing to do and go from there. For instance, if you wanted to be an architect, where would you start. Do you buy a model house, build it yourself or what. A few students make comments, but a few others try to hide under their desks. I like astronomy a lot and Ive always wanted to go to a school that teaches that. I cant decide which school, but I will pick one that is free and has an astronomy lab. The teacher raises her eyebrow before replying. So, what are you studying, and how would you pay for it. I guess Ill pick Computer Science, because Ive always had trouble with Math.

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