Bobby Gillespies Scottish independence confession shamed: Alright for you in London

Madonna 'will do anything for money' says Bobby Gillespie

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Gillespie and Primal Scream are known for their hard-hitting, often overtly political songs. Today, he appears on Sunday Brunch. Once noting he wanted Primal Scream to convey “what it’s like to be in Britain in this day and age”, Gillespie and his bandmates came of age during the UK’s Second Summer of Love, their music reflecting the upbeat, psychedelic and carefree feelings of the day.

Now aged 59, the political fire that engulfed his belly continues to burn.

Earlier this year, on the one-year anniversary of Brexit day, he confessed his support for Scottish independence.

A Glasgow native, his upbringing would likely have centred on the Union given his father’s – whose name he shares – career as a Labour politician and trade unionist.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “Scottish independence is coming.

“We support it. Would love to see a real plan for the future.

“A radical plan. Way to the left of the SNP.

“But remember, the EU is a neo-liberal construct. It won’t be easy. Ask the Greek.”

It attracted a torrent of abuse, with many users drawing attention to the fact that Gillespie lives in London.

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One person replied: “The Greeks are f***ed Bobby, alright for you in London.”

Another said: “Disappointing, Bobby.

“You used to be a man of the left, not a cheap nationalist.

“Division and hatred do not sit well with you. Please reconsider.”


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A third quipped: “Ooooooo how rock’n’roll, pro/more government.”

Throughout the years, Gillespie has appeared on a number of daily political shows.

In 2018, he shared an awkward conversation with Andrew Neil on the BBC’s This Week.

He spoke about what he viewed as a lack of “progress” in society and the headache caused by the Brexit negotiations.

After refusing to join in with Neil and fellow guests Labour MP Caroline Flint and former Tory politician Michael Portillo performing the skibidi dance trend, Gillespie went viral

Watching on, the artist sat po-faced and dejected, seemingly disgusted with the bizarre scene unfolding in front of him.

Neil later described him as a “miserable jock”.

Replying to someone’s tweet about the video, Neil said: “I hope we show it again so somebody can tell who the miserable Jock is and what he’s ever done.

“Other than scowl and spout Corbynista propaganda from his fancy Islington pad.”

Sharing the clip to Primal Scream’s Instagram account, Gillespie wrote: “I was asked to go on ‘This Week’ show on the BBC last night to discuss ‘Progress’.

“My line of reasoning was that here in the UK we are not progressing but regressing back to the social inequalities of the Thirties due to the failure of 40 years of free market capitalism, and tying that in with the rise of fascism in Europe and all over the world; I was immediately cut off by Andrew Neil who quickly handed the question over to Michael Portillo.

“I never got to say what I fully wanted, my impression was that Andrew Neil sensed an alternative opinion that he didn’t want to hear and closed me down.

“I found him to be arrogant, rude and smug.

“When I arrived before the show, the producers asked me if I would take part in this ‘dance’ idea at the end of the show ; I refused, after that their attitude towards me changed. After it finished, the Labour MP Caroline Flint joined Michael Portillo, Andrew Neil and the producer/crew as they cracked open the Champagne (or wine?) and toasted each other, it was a sickening sight.

“This film sums up the attitude of the political class of our country, and the media who support/serve/enable them.”

The BBC never addressed Gillespie’s claims.

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