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Bob Ross, The Joy of Painting, streaming, Tutorials. You can find more information about Bob Ross, Bob Ross The Joy of Painting on BobRoss. Bob Ross The Joy of Painting Tutorials are streaming. S A U D C R I G P You pick up your phoneIts Bob Ross. Wait, isnt that something you dont get to do anymore. You say Yes, why notThis is something Ive wanted to do for a long time. Now, with Netflix addition of Bob Ross, youd have access to Bob Ross incredible knowledge of nature and the beautiful paintings he created using simple canvases to capture everything he thought was beautiful. You could explore with the paintings you create using different brushes and techniques, including brush strokes and the way they look when the paint dries. You could explore all sorts of painting techniques and discover new techniques that you have never had a chance to experience yourself, such as using watercolors to paint with, or the technique of blending colors to create a more three-dimensional effect. You could also view Bobs original art and learn about and compare the paintings that inspired Bob. If Bob had only been alive during the time that your life was unfolding, how would your life have turned out. How would you have coped with the challenges youre currently facing. How would you feel about your time on Earth, and what would you like to do with your time here. This is a series thats only available to subscribers on Netflix. For more information about Bob Ross, see Bob Ross, the man. You go to the Netflix website and click to order Bob Ross The Joy Of Painting. You watch the first five episodes of Bob Ross, The Joy Of Painting and marvel at the amazing artwork created by Bob Ross. It takes courage, and a lot of it, but youre ready to go. Its located in the city of Santa Monica, about thirty miles west of Los Angeles. Its a pretty quiet and sleepy place, especially the days between Sunday night and Sunday morning. You remember watching your father paint in the kitchen windows when you.

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