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You cant think of anythingAnd so you remain silent. You may soon be out of your apartment and outside, in the night-time breeze, your jacket clung to your body. You are so scared that you are about to start crying, when you realise your brother is not in sight at all. You look around for him, running your eyes around the streets, looking for him. You try to call out to him, but there is nobody there. You look around desperately, and then all of a sudden, you find yourself back in the corridor of the apartment building, when you were just looking above the kitchen sink. You have fallen into the sink, from which you would have fallen some 20 meters. You are very dizzy, but you manage to find your way out. You have fallen headfirst into a corner of the wall, and you are in a deep sleep. You have awakened at the apartment block of the apartment building, which you have almost run from, and you are in a deep sleep. You cannot move your arms and legs, and you are trying to make yourself up out of the ashes as quick as you can. You are really tired, and you try to catch your breath. And then, you are back in the same place, with the same face, but this time, with eyes that have finally seen. How do you know me, if you are not me. You are not at all sure what to do at this point, but you dont want anything really bad to happen to her. You want to talk to her as if there is nobody else here. And I will not tell you her phone number. OK, can you please tell me something. You ask, because you are in the middle of an unknown situation, and you want to find out more. You continueSo you start to speak slowly, and ask her what she likes.

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