Bluefaces BM Jaidyn Alexis Shares Clip of Them Laying in Bed Together

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the mother of two retweeted some posts from her fans who seemingly threw shades at Chrisean Rock, who unleashed a sex video of her with Blueface after declaring she broke up with him.

AceShowbizBlueface might have rekindled her romance with Jaidyn Alexis. The “Thotiana” rapper, who recently broke up with Chrisean Rock, was caught sleeping next to his baby mama in a video she shared on Instagram Story.

In the said clip, Jaidyn asked Blueface who was laying next to her in bed, “You good cuz? What’s up?” After patting his head, she said, “It’s a lot of s**t going on, you know that? There’s a lot of s**t going on. Finna beat yo a**. Get yo a** up, the f**k.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, the mother of two retweeted some posts from her fans who seemingly threw shades at Chrisean. This arrived after Chrisean let out a sex video of her and Blueface on Twitter and Instagram Story.

Chrisean already deleted the NSFW video. She later confirmed on the blue-bird app, “First that ain’t a tape. second that was current.”

While things might be good now between Chrisean and Blueface, she initially admitted to having a fight with the rapper over his infidelity. “I almost went to jail, yo. I swear to God,” she said while sitting in a restaurant with her pals. “I broke everything in my hotel room in front of that n***a [Blueface]… I broke the TV, the window… He had to run from that hotel to another.”

Claiming that Blueface is still having a thing with Jaidyn, Chrisean accidentally revealed the face of their newborn child. “Oops, I wasn’t supposed to show y’all his baby,” she said before showing the screen again. She also alleged that Blueface is cheating on her with another woman as well.

Shortly after Chrisean’s live stream, a video of Blueface flicking tounges with an icy blonde woman surfaced. It was seemingly Chrisean’s breaking point that she declared on Twitter, “Y’all can have him. ChriseanRock is single. Chrisean you are enough.”

The saga didn’t stop there though. On Monday, Chrisean tweeted that she is Blueface’s “best friend n bread winner till death do us apart.” She added, “It’s not that we are a couple it’s we are great partners wen it come to money… I conditionally love Blue. I’m just a great a** friend with great a** p***y n got a great plan with a n***a dats da only thing that matters #GodsPlan.”

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