Blue might seem like a really crazy choice for hair color, but it is …

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Were almost out of time so if we havent covered your favorite celebrity by next month dont worry about it. Kate Winslet is the most glamorous woman with a blue eye in the entire world. Shes also the most famous woman with a blue eye. So I guess you could say shes a blue-eyed blonde. But hes more famous for being a really pretty boy who is kind of short, and was born in Canada. Hey, I just said I had a blue eye. Well I mean Im not exactly famous, Im just a really pretty actor. Hes just a regular guy who happens to have blue eyes. The thing is, Im a fan of the guy and Im hoping hell become even more famous than he already is. So if I had more time, Id like to take a better close look at his eyes next month. Well be doing your eyes in every possible shade of blue next month. You seem really eager to see my eyes. I know youre really nice, but there was something that I wanted to do first so Im going to ask you something really quick. Im not sure if Im going to be able to do this. Just answer as if you were going to do this anyway. You can see me in personIll let you in. I mean if you give me some really good reasons, so far the only reason you gave is the one that youve always given. You dont see me in personI dont see you in person. Maybe youre a really nice guy and everything. But youve never been real upfront with me. Its really interesting that youve been so open with me about me. I always find it a little weird that were very different and that Im willing to just let you in like this when youve never really discussed me with anyone else. I guess maybe youre just shy and didnt want to talk about me with anyone else. Im not sure how that would work out, but I guess I can understand that. So here we are and Im really interested to see you. It feels like weve known each other a lot longer than we thought.

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