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You can feel Claires gratitude radiating off you right now, but shes still a little nervous, so you reassure her just to make sure shes alright. It really is wonderful to see you again Claire. Im glad we met and Im glad we made such a good first impression. Im going to have my name changed to just Claire for tonight so your name doesnt get all mixed up. Of-of course, thank you for the friendly reminder. Now, if you could just come with me over here and sit on the couch. As you walk over to the couch, you notice that there are a lot of people sitting there. There are a lot of beautiful women, some of which you recognize from your classes, but a few that youve never seen before. I just wanted to tell you Im here, you say as you sit down on the couch. I just need a minute to gather my thoughts before speaking with you. Im not worried or anxious about anything; I just need to collect myself. She reaches out to put her hand on your back, which feels so nice it makes your heart flutter. Im glad youve come to see me, I think youll feel a lot more at ease after talking with me for a while. Im Claire, she says as she pulls your hand up to rest on her bare shoulder. Im sorry I cant stay longer, but the club is starting to get busier. I think youre forgetting that I came with you, its not like I dont have something else to do. You have absolutely no idea what youre going to say. Thats nice of you to say, but Im not going to lie, I dont really know anything about this place. Theres so much information on the internet about the club, Ive studied up on the places I like the most. If you come to me with any doubts, my personal stylist will help you through them. You feel a twinge of embarrassment, but dont know how to respond to that so you simply nod. Thank you for the offer, but I dont think its right for me to go right now. Lets just hang out for now at least. Im just going to sit in this chair over here.

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