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The other ones are still the same, but they are a little different. T quite remember everything about every one of them, but you do recall some of why the last ones were killed. He says and pulls out his phone and begins to type. So I take it you got all this info from the ECS chief. S been working with the Syndicate for a long time. I think you probably know who he is, though. S the guy who runs around killing people. Re getting off the line with the Syndicate folks. They obviously have a vested interest in letting us know before we do something stupid. S the obvious next step after this operation. M going to give them an hour notice for this one. But you just said you had information on them. T met them face to face, but I know a lot about them due to this gig. You and Johnny spend a couple of hours talking to the Syndicate people. Eventually you arrive at a dark and somewhat mysterious looking building. Johnny and the Syndicate members introduce you to some people in a hurry. They look at Johnny and point to a rather small man with a black suit and gray jacket. The man looks at everyone and then turns his attention back to you.

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