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Re going to be doing this now, you should just play it by ear and make a decision later. Re not, because I really need you to help me out. You need my help to help you. Re a really smart girl, and I know how to work the ladies. Re the one that had your face fucked by that pervert that was fucking your friend. S probably obvious that my face is probably not your favorite thing in the world, but you do have a point there. M going to need your help for something really important. Flashing him a bright smile, you walk over to him with all the assurance you can muster. You say and just as quickly run away. Demar shouts in your face to try to convince you to give up. You shout in his face as you run past, which causes him to fall flat on his ass trying to catch himself up, which in turn creates a loud noise in the process. Demar then gives you a dirty look as you make your way out of the shop, not bothering to call the cops.

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