‘Black-ish’ Stars Tracee Ellis Ross & Anthony Anderson On Upcoming Season: “We Never Shy Away From Anything That’s Happening In The World” – Contenders TV

From police brutality to the intricacies of Black women’s hair, for six seasons now ABC’s Black-ish has boldly tackled issues and conversations that pertain to the Black experience in America. The stories are told through the eyes of the Johnson Family, led by Andre and Bow, who are played by Emmy nominees Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross, respectively.

“I’m proud of the stories that we tell,” said Anderson, who was accompanied by Ross during ABC’s presentation at Deadline’s Contenders Television: The Nominees all-day event. “This show has just been filled with beautiful moments since the pilot and until now leading into Season 7.”

Anderson couldn’t hand-pick a specific moment that stood out, but Ross noted this past season’s “Hair Day” episode where Diane (Marsai Martin) embarks on a hair journey. “It was just a special episode,” said Ross. “It was told in a really different way than we usually tell stories. It took a dive into a subject that is not often explored, Black women and our hair. I think we took a leap in how we were doing. I thought that was interesting.”

While the show is currently mapping out the direction for Season 7, Ross postulated that the next season is “going to stay in line with the DNA of Black-ish. “There’s a lot happening in our world, so I’m sure Black-ish is going to touch on some of it,” she said, noting that the cast has done their first two table reads on Zoom.

“We never shy away from anything that’s happening in the world and in particular our community,” said Anderson. “Black-ish being Black-ish, with our finger on the pulse of what’s happening, in particular within our community, you can rest assured that we will be dealing with the majority of it.”

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