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You do not know how to startWell what a start to say the least. I saw another profile with a guy in a robe You think. No offense Brad Pitt you add. I am not a real religious man, but I do believe in something. Brad looks at you as if he is going to answer you, but then his face says it all. As his face drops all you can see is sadness. It would seem your question has been answered, and your fate was sealed. I guess my first step will be to kill you. Brad looks at you as if he is going to answer you. If you want out, you know what to do. You go onOkay, I am serious about the whole thing with reincarnation. I see, then do you have anything to help you. No, I was going to ask the same thing, I just didnt have anything nice to say about you. You go onBrad gives you a look of pity, but he does not argue or try to tell you to be more honest. He tells you to tell him what would make you happy. He goes on to say that he knows he does not have that or anything to help someone with that goal. You about being humanBrads head tilts to the side, as he says to you:I do not know, but I am going to try You reply. He thinks for a moment, before going ahead with his plan.

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