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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Its been 10 years since riots tore through Baltimore and 10 years since Freddie Gray was killed. Now, a day of protests has been called for Monday night in honor of Freddie Gray. Tight security is in place in the wake of weekend protests in Baltimore. The WJZ Team was there to meet up with some of the community organizers who were there for a rally to show support for Freddie Gray. This is an ongoing struggle for Black lives and Black lives matter, said activist William Doc Jones. Its part of what organizers are calling National Night Out in honor of Freddie Gray. The WJZ Team was there to see what was going on and they are hoping this is the beginning of a movement that can help create a more peaceful Baltimore. Hopefully people just think about where are we going to get this kind of lightning. The protest organizers tell WJZ they want to show the police there is a larger than usual group thats opposed to the use of violence. The problem is they got guns, said activist Derrick Mitchell. In a statement to WJZ, WBAL-TV reporter Matt Johnson said the officers were part of a force that was called to the site to keep traffic on Howard Street in order to open up Interstate 83 to traffic. A group of protestors were in the area of North and Pennsylvania avenues, trying to break the windows of a police car. Thats when they say an officer fired a shot from their service weapon, hitting a 19-year-old man who was not connected to the protest, in the back. The Baltimore Police Department says the man was shot when he took a swing at an officer and the officer, fearing for his life, fired back and hit a second man who was with him. A third man also was shot when a vehicle he was in tried to run him down and he also fired at the vehicle. Theres a lot of anger and frustration right now in that neighborhood. A lot of young boys and a lot of anger, said activist Bill Mitchell, Jr. Mitchell believes the three shootings were retaliatory. We just want everybody to be prepared for rioting, lootin, shooting and any type of negative behavior were going to see, he said.

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