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And then there was the woman on the computer screen, the one you were watching from behind the camera. She looked so different from the picture of yourself that you had seen before, at first, but who could you really be talking to on this computer if it was you. Youre just a reflection of my thoughts now, you know. Im not the person I was, who died a year ago. The thoughts that reflect our minds are not really us, but only reflections of ourselves. Theyre just trapped under their own illusionary shells. Theyre alive, theyre sentient and they feel pain. And you can use their power to kill them. Im just a reflection, and Im going to die too, sooner or later. How long can you afford to remain stuck in your own illusionary existence. You had been talking with yourself for an hour and you were still trapped. But you didnt really feel any different anymore. You didnt know how much of a ghost you were, but surely it couldnt be less. Suddenly you felt a sudden spike of pain in your chest and it was painful but not unbearable. With an attempt to get your breathing under control, you tried to make yourself as silent as you could. However, the next words that were coming out of your mind were the ones that you had heard when the computer was speaking to itself. You tried to keep yourself alive as long as you could, but eventually you collapsed on the ground and passed out. You log on for the first time, and after confirming your identity, you press the login button. You should really be more careful with your screen names, though. Some of them got really popular on the first day. You log in and immediately find yourself in a different place. A virtual world, where you can see a bunch of other people as they live.

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