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Jpg: Cookie is one of the few actresses that can even compete with an average white actress, let alone a successful one, in the black movie industry like she is now. The fact still stands that shes one of the best actresses out there, and she is the perfect example of the Black movie industry doing just fine. Of course there are a few black actresses better than her, but Im sure you can already see the problems with that comparison. Cookie is certainly not black enough, and she should have no place in the black movie, black music and the black-centric world of black music that she doesnt belong here. If anything, she should be in the white movie category, but she doesnt fit the white standards, at least not in terms of racial stereotypes. The fact that she is cute is already proof of her race, because who doesnt like cute people. However, she isnt black enough to be considered a good black person either, thats why all the other black people in the film shes in have no job, no relationships, dont look like her and dont act like her. Now obviously, Im not saying shes the best thing since sliced bread, but Im pretty sure every white person reading this will say that shes pretty. Even if shes an in-your-face black actress, theres still the fact that shes black enough to sell a white audience on her work, and thats enough for me. Because as it stands right now, shes got the black eyes and the blonde hair, she has the perfect look for black culture and she sells every black person on it. Now I cant really say that Cookie Lemon is black enough, but I can say that shes close enough to be considered black, and thats enough for me. But she sells black people, you say. You say shes not black enoughBut she sells black people, you say. Yeah, but shes not really black. For example, she looks more like some weirdopepe hybrid than some actual black person, you say. Then she is black, I dont see how you can say shes not black enough for.

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